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Energy Policy & RUE (Rational Use of Energy)
  • Development of PRERURE: Energy Autonomy Plan Reunion 2030
  • Energy diagnosis and audits
  • Energy balance
  • Ratios by facility characteristics (kW / m, kWh / m, kWh / tonne of product, kWh / room, etc.) to obtain a comparison by industry.
  • Requirements at the architectural level, lighting, air conditioning, cold, cooking, ECS, user behavior
  • Guidance on feasibility studies to be carried out (before the project)
  • An estimate of the potential savings achievable by implementation of each prescription.
  • POE: Post Occupation Evaluation
  • Estimation of energy and cost savings
New and Renewable Energy technologies
  • Solar thermal: solar hot water studies: design, monitoring and assessment.
  • PV: Feasibility PV grid connected, assistance with project management for rental roof monitoring and assessment
  • Wind: study of wind potential regional plan
  • Micro Hydro: preliminary study, energy recovery
High Environmental Quality (HQE) / Habitat & Environment / Environmental approach to urban planning ( AEU)
  • Green building
Target 1: Relation of the building with its immediate environment Target 2: Integrated choices of materials, products, systems and construction methods Target 3: Low impact construction sites Target 4: Energy Management Target 5: Water Management Target 6: Waste Management Target 7: Maintenance Sustainability Environmental Performance Eco-Comfort Target 8: Hygrothermal comfort Target 9: Acoustic Comfort Target 10: Visual Comfort Target 11: Olfactory comfort Eco-Health Target 12: Indoor environmental quality Target 13: Indoor Air Quality Target 14: Sanitary Water Quality Thermal design of building :
  • Sun and shading studies, heliodon ..
  • Optimization of thermal protection (walls, roof)
  • Users comfort study.
  • Study of the impact of natural ventilation on the comfort of users.
  • Optimization of air-conditionning systems
  • An estimate of the potential savings achievable by implementation of each prescription.
  • Development of the local environmental label PERENE in collaboration with the University of La Réunion and Météo France.
  • Design tools for commercial and residential buildings according to climatic zones
  • Energy efficiency quality guide
  • Projects comply with thermal, aerodynamics and acoustics
  • Development of a thermal and energy design guidelines adapted to Mayotte
Ventilation - airflow design:
  • Calculation of the coefficients of local disturbance taking into account buildings, vegetation, soil roughness (asphalt, grass or water) and topography
  • Wind distribution on the site (speed tables / management)
  • Extreme speeds and medium winds
  • Integration of local climatology
  • Study of climate comfort in the interior and exterior spaces
  • Quantification of natural ventilation (air flow into buildings)
  • Calculation of urban wind potential
Acoustic study:
  • Correction, isolation, the calculation of reverberation time by frequency ranges.
  • Regulatory compliance, calculating airborne sound insulation (interior and exterior), impact sound, technical equipment noise levels.
  • Sound levels and reverberation times measurements
International: Participation in IEA Task 40 on Net Zero Energy Building Participation in the program FASEP Indonesia
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